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If you have an emergency, a question,
or just need advice, give us a call: (604) 980-2700

Building trust, one network at a time.

Incorporated in 1999, Netcetera has worked hard to become the trusted IT business partner for many small to medium sized businesses throughout BC and Western Canada.

Although we are a technology company, we are first and foremost a customer service organization. We focus on developing meaningful client relationships that span decades, not years. We partner with industry leading manufacturers who we believe create products that deliver the highest possible value for our clients. We operate in a state of constant re-training and re-certification to be the best we can be at what we do for our clients. And, we focus on being extremely competent with a select set of technologies that complement and add value to our clients’ Microsoft based networks. These select technologies include security, networking, wireless, virtualization, storage, and backup and disaster recovery.

If you have an emergency, a question, need advice, or are looking for a proven technology partner to take care of your IT infrastructure then read on, and give us a call: (604) 980-2700.


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“Once again the service exceeded our expectations. Quicker than expected response time with great communication....Thank you!”

John Cantafio, Joseph S. Chow

“We always have good results with NETCETERA”

Jack Shields, West Coast Electric Ltd.

“You resolved my major problem in 15 minutes, where Microsoft couldn't help at all!!! I also appreciated the comic relief during my hour of need! Unfortunately for you, I have your phone number now!!”

Melissa, Absolute Energy Inc.

“Imran is great at helping out, whatever the problem. He’s very patient, especially with people who aren't as tech savvy... ”

Isabel Lakeman, Anipet Animal Supplies

“Quick response time. Cheers”

Eric Paris, Capilano Highway Services Company

“Dave is great (as always) and knows his stuff.. so easy to deal with.”

Janette, Mediate BC Dispute Resolution & Design

“Art is very pleasant and very accommodating.”

Steve Baker, United World Transportation

“Art was Wonderful. Have sent Steve an email with accolades!”

Kirsty Farquharson, Edge Training & Consulting

“Prompt response!”

Christopher Richter, Northwest Properties

“My experience was great because you were able to help quickly when given all the pertinent information to correct this problem. Thanks again. ”

Cindy, Sealtec Industries Ltd.

“You guys are great! thank you so much for being so available when I was in a pinch. Richard was very helpful. ”

Colleen Lord, Anipet Animal Supplies Ltd.

“Prompt, concise service. Thanks to Art!! ”

John Jutras, Hytek Mechanical Inc.

“We have worked with Netcetera several times and always use them for any computer/IT issues we’re having. They are always professional, timely and most importantly, fix all our problems!! You know you are getting honest opinions and not just a company trying to sell you something. ”

Jane Webb, Canyon Equipment

“Imran was on time and he was very friendly and fixed my issues😊👍”

Rhonda Luding, Anipet Animal Supplies

“As usual, Stephen responded to my request quickly and accurately provided me with the information I needed.”

Kevin Williams, Purdys Chocolates

“"Good service and very helpful, Sue"”

Sue Bianc, Miller Capilano Maintenance Corporation

“"Fast response"”

Beverly Yates, Northwest Properties

“"Art worked hard to solve my issues and he solved them all. Well done!"”

Paula Butler, Butler Workplace Solutions

“"The service with Netcetera has been absolutely great! Art was extremely patient and helpful"”

Yvonne Erskine, Department of Gynecology DHCC - August 25th 2016