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A major disaster can put your business out of business so why take the risk when you don’t have to?

Several years ago we noticed that many of our support calls had to do with back-ups. We’d get alerts indicating a backup had failed or partially failed for one reason or another.

We felt that the entire process of trying to backup and secure file-based data was cumbersome and unreliable. And, restoring data was monotonous and time-consuming. We decided it was time to find a better way. After evaluating many options, we decided on a Datto solution to run across our entire base of managed clients.

We firmly believe we have the best Backup & Disaster recovery tools on the planet and we are confident we can ensure that your business continues to operate in the event of a local disaster. By partnering with Datto, we can deliver a solution for backup & disaster recovery, local and hybrid cloud continuity, security and most importantly, peace of mind.

Can your Backup & Disaster recovery solution do the following?

  • Backup entire images of your applications and data in seconds
  • Allow you to backup different applications and data on different schedules
  • Do backups multiple times throughout the day without impacting end user performance
  • Allow you to retrieve any version of a file or even a single mail message for as far back as you want to go, in mere minutes
  • Backup SQL, Exchange and other database dependent programs without stopping them or affecting the users who are working with them
  • Capture your backups both locally and in the cloud (in Canada)
  • Virtualize a failed server, or your entire infrastructure locally in minutes
  • In a larger disaster scenario, virtualize you entire infrastructure in the cloud so your employees can continue working even if your building no longer exists
  • Stop viruses such as Cryptolocker from crippling your business. For our clients, Ransomware is no longer a business threatening situation, merely a slight inconvenience
  • Include 24×7 monitoring and alerting
  • Have an entire team on standby in the event of a disaster

If your existing backup & disaster recovery solution is causing you to lose sleep at night, give us a call and let us show you a better way.