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About Netcetera

Established in 1999, Netcetera has been providing computer technology services and products to customers for over 17 years. We are financially strong and have continued to grow, primarily through client and partner referrals.   Our offices are located a block north of the beach in beautiful North Vancouver. Although most of our clients are located in the Lower Mainland, some are as far away as Whistler, the Northwest Territories and the eastern most provinces of Canada.

We provide technical services in either a break/fix scenario or a managed service model. We manage technical projects and assist in the procurement of hardware and software so our clients can focus on their business without worrying about being held back by technology.

Our Purpose

Why do we do what we do? Why do our suppliers and partners want to work with us? Why do our clients choose us? Why did we start this business? It always points back to the same answer; to improve the lives of our clients, our employees, our partners and our suppliers.

Our Mission

To manage, administer and support our clients’ networks while striving to steadily improve the performance, reliability, stability, security, usability and return on our clients’ technology investments. We do this through simplification and the use of great products and tools and we continuously fine-tune our processes and procedures to deliver added value.

Our Vision

To be top of mind for any small to medium sized Canadian company that wants to see measurable improvements, reduced risk, and a higher return from their technology investment.

Our Core Values

We believe that knowing and living one’s core values every day is critical to the ongoing growth and success of any business. Core values are not things to strive for, those are called aspirations. Core values are subconsciously ingrained in everything one does each day. Core values impose limitations on what one will or will not do, and they make it easy to come to a decision on just about anything. Here are our core values.

Do the right thing

Simply put, we all know right from wrong. Morally, ethically and legally. If it is illegal, immoral, or unethical, don’t do it, ever, even if you can get away with it.

Deliver a great experience

We all touch each other’s lives in different ways. It can be from anything such as taking a service call, providing technical services, documenting a call, making a sale, following up on an invoice, ordering a product, attending meetings or interacting on the phone. We should always strive to make each and every interaction a great and memorable experience for everyone involved.

Find a better way

It is easy to choose the obvious path and sometimes that is the right path. But we can only be sure by exploring other possibilities. Each of us should challenge ourselves to explore alternate paths that may lead to a better way for a client, a partner, a supplier or ourselves.

Own it

If you are the first person to discover a challenge or an opportunity, take ownership and follow through to completion. Even if you delegate, follow up to make sure it was finished to the complete satisfaction of everyone involved.