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December 3, 2021

Netcetera Sophos MTR Webinar

In this video presentation Steve Weeks, CEO of Netcetera, discusses why a Managed Threat Response (MTR) is crucial for your business.

“The current security landscape identifies the frequency and impact of many big-company breaches, but these threats are the tip of the iceberg”, says Weeks.

“Threats to Canadian small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) are more frequent than big companies, and just as harmful but smaller companies keep news of their breaches on the down low fearing loss of business and brand damage.”

Should you be concerned about a threat to your SMB?

Weeks imagined his own business being attacked:

“I imagined walking in on a Monday morning to find all of our files encrypted and how such a breach would also compromise my clients’ data. I immediately went full on MTR. I did absolutely everything I could to protect our clients.

There is a cost of course, but relative to what the cost of a breach would be, it was money well spent.”

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