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Meet the Netcetera Team

Our people are passionate, professional, friendly and best of all, local! We know they matter most when it comes to providing you with the level of care and support you expect.

Our talented and qualified engineers are continuously upgrading to learn the most up-to-date technology trends as they emerge. In fact, each year we spend thousands of dollars on employee training and certification, and we are proud to say we maintain the highest level of certification available in our areas of expertise.

However, our commitment to investing in our employees isn’t limited to the office. We recognize the value in having a life outside of work, and we try to enhance that by taking time out to have fun when the opportunity arises. We are proud to say that some of our team members have been on board since the day Netcetera opened its doors, and our average tenure is 9.6 years.

Steve Weeks

Steve Weeks,

Sharron Weeks

Sharron Weeks,
Manager; Accounting & Administration

Richard Hamaura

Richard Hamaura,
Senior Network Architect

Tom Lemoine

Tom Lemoine,
Senior Systems Engineer

Art Korneluk

Art Korneluk,
Senior Network Architect

Amir Jalilian

Amir Jalilian,
Systems Engineer

Emily Weeks

Emily Weeks,
Client Services

Sarah Kennedy

Sarah Kennedy,
Client Support Coordinator

Randy Dunville

Randy Dunville,
Service Delivery Manager

Elian Figueiredo

Elian Figueiredo,
Systems Engineer

Olaniyi Osatuyi

Olaniyi Osatuyi,
Support Specialist

Thales Del Santo

Thales Del Santo,
IT Support Specialist

Helio Junior

Helio Junior,
Senior Cloud Architect


Branch Manager

Join Our Team

Netcetera has become known as a technology specialist in virtualization, security, networking, storage, wireless and business continuity. Solving technology challenges and delivering better business solutions has fueled our growth since the day we opened our doors.

The secret to our success isn’t the technology we sell, the prices we charge, the tools we use or the technical acuity we bring to the table. The people who work here are what really make us shine. We’re in the customer service business first and foremost and our team exemplifies this commitment.

Netcetera is constantly evolving, and we are looking for talented and motivated people to grow with us. We seek people who work well in team situations; those who want to learn and help others in the process. Individuals that are passionate about technology, but understand that customer service is the foundation upon which Netcetera is built.

We have a strong commitment to our core values, of which the most basic tenet is to “do the right thing”. We apply this value to all components of customer care – doing the right thing always comes before profit.

Netcetera is a place where you can develop professionally while earning a competitive compensation. If our company culture and business practices resonate with you, we’d be interested in hearing from you.