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5 Reasons Why You Should Not Mind Your Own Business IT

The first question a small or mid-size business owner asks about outsourcing the management of their information technology is:

Why do we need managed services? We have employees that know about software, programming, servers, firewalls, backup systems and so on, right?

Why use managed services?

IT companies offer a managed service option to their clients because there is a dire need for reliable, responsive, and knowledgeable technicians in every business. Technicians who maintain the most sophisticated technology solutions are critical to the security, and thus the success, of your company.

Managed services provide you with worry-free, complete-care IT services so that your company’s network runs smoothly and does everything you expect it to.

But sometimes business owners think they can manage their own IT.

5 reasons why you should not mind your own business IT

1. Can you handle everything?

As a business owner can you stay on top of your technology infrastructure and ensure applications are running efficiently.  Are you confident your data is backed up and secured against the mounting number of security threats – After all, you have a business to run and customers to serve.  An MSP gives you 24/7 monitoring, technical support, and access to IT experts.

2. Counting on your staff?

Your employees have a skill set based on your business goals. They serve your business more efficiently when they focus on what they do best. Troubleshooting IT problems is time-consuming for your employees and frequently results in problems remaining unresolved. Your MSP has seen it all and can resolve issues that arise, with practical and permanent solutions.

3. Can you keep your data safe?

If your business has an E-commerce component holding client financial information that must be kept secure as per government regulations, how secure is your system against exploits and ransomware?

4. Can you fight crime?

Cybercrime is rampant, and on the rise, so capable backup systems are critical. If your system is compromised either through ransomware or natural disaster, data retrieval has to be fast and thorough. Your business depends on it. How swiftly and efficiently can you or your staff respond to a security breach?

5. Can you afford not to have managed services?

The cost of your managed services can be tailored to your business IT requirements, meaning you can budget accurately for IT maintenance costs. You will also save on the cost of the hiring and on-going training for an in-house IT person and on the expense of an unforeseen catastrophic data breach.

At Netcetera, we take your business continuity and network security seriously. It doesn’t take long to integrate our managed services with your business systems, typically without system down time. Now that is peace of mind.

If you have an emergency, a question, need advice, or are looking for a proven technology partner to take care of your IT infrastructure, give us a call: (604) 980-2700.

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