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Wireless is now considered a staple in the modern business world. The days of wireless being “nice to have, when and if it works” have come to an end. Users are demanding high speed, reliable and secure service on a multitude of devices. If you have wireless that you’re dissatisfied with, or if you want wireless but are worried about security, reliability or performance, we are here to help.

There’s much more to wireless than walking around a facility and randomly installing devices here, there and everywhere. We have invested heavily in wireless certification training for our technical staff and we’ve purchased the best wireless survey tools available in today’s market. This will ensure you get the right devices placed at the right locations for secure and reliable performance in both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz ranges. We can help you administer, monitor and manage your wireless infrastructure using a variety of products. Wireless services that we offer include but are not limited to the following:

Wireless Design & Planning

Design wireless networks and accurately predict network coverage and performance.

• Floor plan design to draw in walls for predictive design
• Determine optimal placement of access points based on requirements

Wireless Site-Survey

Comprehensive validation of an existing wireless network and its design.

• Perform walk-throughs of areas that require wireless coverage
• Determine wireless signal coverage to eliminate weak or dead spots
• Troubleshoot channel interference, performance and roaming problems
• Provide comprehensive reports and make recommendations for improvements
• Re-design existing site using predictive planning

Wireless Packet Analysis

Packet loss analysis on wireless networks to identify performance issues

• Fix packet loss that impacts WiFi throughput
• Minimize congestion of slow-transmitting devices
• Monitor channel capacity
• Identify problematic devices on your network

Wireless Spectrum Analysis

Identify and isolate interference affecting wireless networks

• Analysis of 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz spectrum of WiFi and non-WiFi activity
• Monitor channel saturation and interference
• Real-time analysis and recorded activity to isolate intermittent issues
• Pinpoint sources of interference using specialized directional antennas

If you have questions about a new wireless setup, or if you’re not satisfied with the solution you have today, give us a call.