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Hi Steve,

Hope all is well and you are staying safe and healthy. We just switched over from on premise exchange server to O365 exchange and David supported us through the project. I felt I needed to reach out and mention David’s performance because I was completely blown away. I have worked with David in the past and he has always proven to be knowledgeable and capable. When he didn’t know an answer, he knew where to find it. This time it was above and beyond.

As we approached the project, I was apprehensive because of the unknown. He quickly put my concerns to rest and took control. He answered all my questions and helped me through what I thought were going to be earth shattering problems with ease and a calmness that was very reassuring. His whole demeanor was very reassuring.

I love working with all of your team and Tom is my guy to help me find the stuff I need when I don’t even really know what I need but I’ll take David on a project any day.

Thanks for all your help,
Mat Macri
Manager, Information Systems


To whom it may concern,

I am writing to recommend the professional services of North Vancouver’s Netcetera. I was very impressed with the organization when I did some freelance work for them prior to my being hired onto the West Vancouver Police Department, and I told myself that these are the people to call if I ever need some consulting expertise.

That time came when we decided to migrate to Microsoft 365, and I didn’t even know how to start the process. The knowledgeable staff at Netcetera guided me through the process and even made it fun. I will definitely be calling them again next time I find myself in a jam.

Curt Martell
Network Administrator, Information Technology Section West Vancouver Police Department | Serving with Honour

Dear Steve,

I am writing this reference letter to recommend Netcetera for their IT consultation, project management and troubleshooting services.

We recently relocated offices and Netcetera played a pivotal role in ensuring the transition went as smoothly as possible. The Netcetera service team was able to minimize the downtime while coordinating the switch over of our server and network connections.  Open communication and fair pricing allowed me to feel confident in their services and remain hands off while I focused on other parts of the office relocation and renovation.

I would highly recommend Netcetera for all consultation, project management and troubleshooting.

Stacey Silgailis
Project Manager
Northwest Properties